DFW Airport Parking Prices Soar – What You Need to Know

DFW Airport, the third busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements, has seen a significant increase in parking prices in recent years. With more travelers passing through the airport each year, parking facilities have struggled to keep up with demand, leading to higher prices for travelers looking to park their vehicles at the airport. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the soaring parking prices at DFW Airport and provide valuable insights for travelers who need to park their vehicles at the airport.

Reasons Behind the Price Increase

There are several factors contributing to the increase in parking prices at DFW Airport. One of the main reasons is the growing number of passengers using the airport each year. With more people choosing to fly through DFW Airport, parking facilities are seeing higher demand, leading to increased prices to manage supply and demand.

Additionally, DFW Airport has invested in upgrading its parking facilities to provide a better experience for travelers. These upgrades, including improved security features and technology enhancements, have come at a cost, which is being passed on to car park users in the form of higher prices.

Types of Parking Options

DFW Airport offers a variety of parking options to suit different traveler needs. These include:

  • Terminal Parking: Located directly outside the terminal buildings, this option is the most convenient but also the most expensive.
  • Remote Parking: A more affordable option located further away from the terminal buildings, with shuttle services to transport travelers to and from the terminals.
  • Valet Parking: A premium option where travelers can drop off their vehicles at the terminal entrance and have them parked by staff.

Comparison of Prices

Let’s take a look at the current prices for parking at DFW Airport:

  • Terminal Parking: $24 per day
  • Remote Parking: $15 per day
  • Valet Parking: $31 per day

These prices are subject to change, so it’s important to check the latest rates before your trip.

Tips for Saving Money on Parking

While parking at DFW Airport can be expensive, there are ways to save money on parking fees. Some tips include:

  • Booking in advance: Many parking facilities offer discounts for booking in advance, so be sure to check online for deals before your trip.
  • Using off-site parking: There are several off-site parking options near DFW Airport that offer lower rates and shuttle services to the terminals.
  • Consider alternative transportation: If possible, consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services to get to the airport and avoid parking fees altogether.


In conclusion, parking prices at DFW Airport have increased due to growing demand and investments in facility upgrades. Travelers can save money on parking by booking in advance, using off-site parking options, or considering alternative transportation. By being aware of the parking options and prices at DFW Airport, travelers can make informed decisions and save money on their next trip.

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