Immediate Flights to Cairo: Which Uk Airports Supply the Swiftest Route?

When it arrives to touring to Cairo from the Uk, it is vital to think about the comfort of immediate flights. Immediate flights not only conserve time but also present a trouble-totally free journey for vacationers. In this post, we will discover the United kingdom airports that offer direct flights to Cairo and compare their flight length, price, and frequency. Let’s delve into the aspects to support you pick out the swiftest route to Cairo from the Uk.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is 1 of the busiest airports in the Uk and provides a number of direct flights to Cairo day by day. Airways these types of as British Airways, EgyptAir, and Gulf Air work direct flights from London Heathrow to Cairo. The flight period from London Heathrow to Cairo is somewhere around 4 hours, creating it a person of the speediest routes to get to the Egyptian capital.

  • Flight Period: Close to 4 hours
  • Airways: British Airways, EgyptAir, Gulf Air
  • Expense: Varies based on the airline and period
  • Frequency: Multiple flights day-to-day

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport also offers direct flights to Cairo, offering a convenient alternative for travelers from the north of England. Airlines these types of as EgyptAir and Saudia run immediate flights from Manchester to Cairo. The flight duration from Manchester to Cairo is all over 5 hours, slightly more time than the London Heathrow route.

  • Flight Period: About 5 several hours
  • Airways: EgyptAir, Saudia
  • Value: Competitive rates out there
  • Frequency: Several flights per 7 days

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is another option for tourists looking for immediate flights to Cairo. Airways this sort of as EgyptAir run direct flights from Birmingham to Cairo. The flight duration from Birmingham to Cairo is similar to Manchester, taking about 5 hrs to achieve the Egyptian funds.

  • Flight Period: Approximately 5 hours
  • Airways: EgyptAir
  • Price: Affordable options offered
  • Frequency: Numerous flights for each 7 days


Immediate flights to Cairo from the United kingdom give a effortless and time-conserving solution for tourists. London Heathrow Airport delivers the swiftest route to Cairo, with a flight duration of around 4 hrs. Manchester and Birmingham airports also supply direct flights to Cairo, with a a little more time flight period of all around 5 hours. When deciding upon the ideal British isles airport for your direct flight to Cairo, look at elements this kind of as flight duration, expense, and frequency to make an informed selection. Harmless travels!

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