Navigating Houston Airport Parking: What You Need to Know About Rates


When it comes to traveling through Houston Airport, one of the major concerns for travelers is parking. Parking rates play a significant role in the overall journey and can sometimes add up to unexpected costs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different parking options at Houston Airport, explore the rates associated with each, and provide valuable tips on how to navigate parking efficiently.

Types of Parking at Houston Airport

Before we dive into the rates, let’s first understand the different parking options available at Houston Airport:

  • Terminal Parking
  • Ecopark
  • Valet Parking
  • Terminal Garage Parking
  • Corporate Parking

Terminal Parking

Located right next to the terminals, this is the most convenient parking option for travelers looking for easy access to their gates. The rates for terminal parking can vary based on the length of stay.


For environmentally conscious travelers, Ecopark offers a sustainable parking solution with shuttle services to the terminals. The rates at Ecopark are generally more affordable compared to other parking options.

Valet Parking

For a touch of luxury and convenience, valet parking is available at Houston Airport. While the rates for valet parking tend to be higher, the convenience of having your car parked for you can be worth the cost for some travelers.

Terminal Garage Parking

Similar to terminal parking, terminal garage parking offers covered parking spaces within a short walking distance to the terminals. The rates for terminal garage parking may be slightly higher than terminal parking due to the covered spaces.

Corporate Parking

Designed for business travelers or frequent flyers, corporate parking offers reserved parking spaces with easy access to the terminals. Corporate parking rates may vary based on the agreement with the corporate entity.

Parking Rates at Houston Airport

Now that we have a better understanding of the different parking options at Houston Airport, let’s explore the rates associated with each:

Terminal Parking Rates

The rates for terminal parking at Houston Airport can range from $18 to $26 per day, depending on the terminal and length of stay. Short-term parking rates may be higher, while long-term parking rates offer more economical options for extended trips.

Ecopark Rates

Ecopark rates are generally more affordable, starting at $5 per day for uncovered parking. The rates for covered parking may vary, but they still tend to be lower compared to terminal or valet parking options.

Valet Parking Rates

Valet parking rates at Houston Airport can range from $26 to $30 per day, with additional charges for premium services or extended stay. While valet parking offers convenience, the rates may not be suitable for budget-conscious travelers.

Terminal Garage Parking Rates

Terminal garage parking rates are similar to terminal parking rates, starting at $20 per day for uncovered parking. The covered parking spaces may come at a slightly higher rate, but the convenience of covered parking can be worth the cost for some travelers.

Corporate Parking Rates

Corporate parking rates are negotiated based on the agreement with the corporate entity. While corporate parking may offer reserved spaces and easy access to the terminals, the rates can vary depending on the terms of the agreement.

Tips for Navigating Houston Airport Parking

In order to navigate Houston Airport parking efficiently and make the most of your travel budget, consider the following tips:

  • Plan ahead and book your parking space in advance to secure the best rates.
  • Consider the length of your trip and choose a parking option that suits your budget and convenience needs.
  • Utilize shuttle services from Ecopark or park-and-ride options to save on parking costs.
  • Compare rates and parking options across different parking providers to find the best deal for your trip.
  • Sign up for loyalty programs or frequent parker rewards to earn discounts on future parking stays.


As you navigate Houston Airport parking, keep in mind the different parking options available, their associated rates, and tips for maximizing your parking experience. Whether you choose terminal parking, Ecopark, valet parking, terminal garage parking, or corporate parking, understanding the rates and making informed decisions can help you save money and ensure a smooth travel experience. By planning ahead, comparing rates, and utilizing available resources, you can navigate Houston Airport parking with ease and peace of mind.

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