The Supreme Tutorial: How Considerably Does It Seriously Cost to Stop by Easter Island?

Easter Island, also regarded as Rapa Nui, is a remote island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its iconic moai statues that dot the landscape and its exceptional Polynesian culture. Even so, going to Easter Island can be a pricey endeavor. In this ultimate tutorial, we will split down the many costs associated with touring to Easter Island, from flights and accommodation to things to do and food.

Flights to Easter Island

A person of the most important expenses when traveling to Easter Island is the cost of flights. Because of to its distant place, flights to Easter Island can be rather high-priced. The major airways that operate flights to Easter Island are LATAM Airways and Sky Airways. The costs of flights can range relying on the time of year, so it is a good idea to e-book your tickets in advance to get the greatest offers.

  • Round excursion flights from Santiago, Chile to Easter Island can variety from $400 to $800.
  • Flights from other locations, this sort of as Lima, Tahiti, or Los Angeles, can price upwards of $1000.

Lodging on Easter Island

When it arrives to lodging on Easter Island, there are a selection of options available, ranging from spending budget hostels to luxury resorts. The price tag of accommodation can fluctuate relying on the kind of lodging you pick and the time of 12 months you take a look at.

  • Hostels and guesthouses on Easter Island can price tag all around $30 to $50 for every evening.
  • Mid-array resorts and guesthouses can array from $70 to $150 for each night.
  • Luxurious resorts and eco lodges can price upwards of $200 for every evening.

Transportation on Easter Island

Acquiring all-around Easter Island is comparatively uncomplicated, as the island is really smaller. The most important modes of transportation on the island are rental automobiles, bicycles, and guided excursions. Leasing a auto is the most easy solution, as it lets you to take a look at the island at your individual rate.

  • Rental vehicles on Easter Island can charge all-around $50 to $100 for every working day.
  • Bicycles can be rented for close to $20 to $30 per working day.
  • Guided excursions are also readily available and can charge all over $50 to $100 per person.

Food and Dining on Easter Island

When it arrives to dining on Easter Island, there are a range of eating places and eateries to choose from. The price tag of food stuff on the island can differ relying on the place you select to eat, with alternatives ranging from inexpensive food items vehicles to upscale dining places.

  • A meal at a neighborhood food stuff truck can price tag about $5 to $10.
  • A food at a mid-vary restaurant can expense close to $15 to $30.
  • An upscale dining expertise can charge upwards of $50 for every human being.

Activities on Easter Island

There are a great deal of activities to delight in on Easter Island, from checking out the moai statues to exploring the island’s beach locations and mountaineering trails. The charge of pursuits on the island can fluctuate, so it can be vital to finances accordingly.

  • Entrance fees to the Rapa Nui National Park, the place the moai statues are located, cost all over $80 for every person.
  • Guided excursions of the island’s archaeological web sites and landmarks can value all around $50 to $100 for each man or woman.
  • Other actions, this kind of as diving, snorkeling, and horseback riding, can price tag all-around $50 to $100 for each human being.

All round Price tag of Visiting Easter Island

When you add up the expenses of flights, lodging, transportation, foodstuff, and things to do, a journey to Easter Island can be rather high priced. On common, a 7 days-long trip to Easter Island can price wherever from $2000 to $4000 for every person, depending on your journey design and preferences.


Viewing Easter Island is a after-in-a-life time expertise that will come with a selling price tag. From costly flights to lodging and pursuits, the prices can insert up speedily. On the other hand, with correct budgeting and setting up, a excursion to Easter Island can be a definitely unforgettable encounter.

Remember to e-book your flights and accommodation in advance, search for discounts on things to do and tours, and be mindful of your day-to-day bills even though on the island. By pursuing these guidelines, you can ensure that your trip to Easter Island is each unforgettable and economical.

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